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1st Quarter 2015

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To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston S. Churchill

In the spirit of Churchill, we have upgraded our portfolio management and reporting system in an effort to improve your ability to understand your investments and our ability to serve you better.  We will keep this newsletter brief in order to focus on explaining the improvements.  We apologize for the tardiness of these reports as the transition process took longer than anticipated.
The first change you will notice is the information packed first page.  This is a great summary and if you are time constrained, offers a comprehensive view.  The top section contains your ‘Asset Allocation.’  It is measured against a broad benchmark and is displayed in percentages and dollars amounts.
The next section relates to ‘Investment Style.’  The box filled with dots on the left illustrates your individual investments in the stock market across the parameters of value to growth horizontally and small companies to large ones vertically.  The red dot is your total portfolio.  The middle box aggregates the same data in percentages and the box to the right does the same for your bond market investments.
The next two sections sort by ‘Stock Sectors’ and ‘World Regions.’  This shows how well you are diversified in terms of sectors of the economy such as Financials or Technology as well as by geography.  Finally, at the bottom, your largest holdings are highlighted.
Following the front page, there are detailed pages of your holdings, performance and transactions.
Our new system offers some flexibility in our ability to customize these quarterly reports.  This is our first attempt and we hope that they will evolve and improve with time.  If there are aspects of this report that you found useful and would like to be expanded or parts that were too detailed, please let us know and we can attempt to modify your next report.
As always, we thank you greatly for your trust in our firm and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.  If you would like to schedule a meeting or a phone call to review the new report, please contact our office.