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Shoreline Financial Advisors is now Exencial Wealth Advisors of Connecticut

Our commitment to the fiduciary standard is unchanged. The people and trusted connections remain here at our Guilford office to continue to guide you on your financial journey. The exemplary service and responsiveness remain untouched.  The principles and discipline used to construct your investment portfolio and financial plan remain.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at:

Why Create a Financial Plan?

Your financial life can become complex. A financial plan, with the help of a fiduciary, can process these complexities into a road map. This road map can help you to move forward.

Honestly, most of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do planning our financial future. Even more, you know that it is easy to put it off until tomorrow. Therefore, the best time for you to start is today.

Years of

Putting Clients First

What We Offer for You

Wealth Management

We know that your circumstances are unique.  Our approach is to create a custom solution built for your needs and goals. Together, we can help you start your financial journey with confidence.

Financial Planning

It’s never too early or too late to plan for tomorrow. Together, we create a unique financial plan, a plan tailored to you. Let’s talk and plan for your tomorrow.

Investment Advising

A successful plan requires a prudent and appropriate investment strategy.  One based on your view of risk and reward.  Further, a philosophy driven by an evidenced-based investment style.

Tax Planning

It is one of the things in life that we cannot avoid, but we still can attempt to plan for.  Asset placement, tax-loss harvesting and Roth conversions are some of the ways we can help you to optimize your tax situation.

We Provide Prudent Advice for Better Decision-Making

Multiple studies show that competent financial advisors add significant value over time.**  Importantly, this value is not necessarily measured by the month-to-month performance against a stock market index.  Instead, an advisor’s effectiveness should be measured long-term.  Further, they should be measured against a proper benchmark. The value is added through acting effectively as a financial planner, wealth manager, and behavioral coach.  This discipline is more valuable than many realize.

Holistic Wealth Management

At EWA of CT, formally Shoreline Financial Advisors, we know that your circumstances are unique.  That is why, as part of our services, we always meet one-on-one.  To begin with, we want to hear your unique story, as well as, your needs, questions and concerns. 

Planning for your future financial goals entails a detailed financial plan.  Moreover, it requires a sound investment strategy and ongoing review. 

When you engage with us, our fee includes financial and retirement planning as well as investment management.  Additionally, it includes estate planning recommendations, tax planning and insurance needs analysis.

Charitable Giving Made Simple and Efficient

Looking to increase your philanthropic impact?  A Schwab Charitable donor-advised fund account is a simple, tax-smart investment solution for charitable giving.   

Firstly, claim an immediate tax deduction while spreading your gifts over multiple years. Secondly, you can contribute highly appreciated assets without triggering capital gains taxes. 

Let us help you give wisely and tax-effectively.

Consolidating Old Retirement Plans

Is more of something always better?  Having multiple retirement plans from past employers can make things hard to keep track of.  One way to take control of your retirement savings is to roll over your plan from a former employer into an IRA.  

But there are several factors to consider based on your personal circumstances.

Here is What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

Todd & Joette S.
Guilford, CT

With Shoreline Financial Advisors, our immediate and extended families, both personal and business, have invested with confidence through four generations.  Dedicated to their client’s wants and needs, they have been our trusted advisors who have guided our most important and lasting decisions.

Melissa W.
Denver, CO

Four years ago, my world blew up and I found myself getting divorced from my 20-year marriage at age 49.  My X- husband was in the financial world so we always used his financial teams for our portfolio.  I am a Social Worker with very limited knowledge of investments and financial planning. SFA guided me through my complicated divorce, helping me make smart financial decisions and setting me up to have a secure financial future.  They took the time to explain, support and reassure me through a very unstable time in my life. I am fully confident in their decisions, and they truly take a personal approach with their clients. I cannot thank Shoreline enough for providing support, security, and confidence in my financial future.

Colin M.
Killingworth, CT

We joined SFA in the spring of 2009.  The primary requirement was that they be fiduciaries, with our needs as their primary objective.  After interviewing a few local advisors, we chose Shoreline Financial Advisors. Their offices were impressive, and the staff were friendly and professional.  The presentation of their management strategies was clear and to the point, unlike many of the firms that we considered.

After several meetings incorporating financial planning, we agreed to have our portfolio managed in a moderately conservative allocation.  They have met with us at regular intervals to review our investments and to update our financial plan and are always responsive to questions between meetings.  We have confidence that SFA will continue to guide us in the future.

Rose A.
Bow, WA

Over the past 25 years Shoreline Financial Advisors have guided me through the ebb and flow of my financial journey.  Especially these past 10 years, after becoming divorced and moving forward as a single woman, I have sincerely appreciated the continued service and guidance.

What I appreciate most with Shoreline Financial Advisors is how they listen to my personal needs and concerns, my level of investment comfort/risk, and my future plans. They have helped me move slowly and steadily forward, helping me prepare for the later years.

The overall service is exemplary, highly recommended. Always considerate and available if you have questions or concerns.

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We are a fiduciary. We offer independent advice with no hidden charges, incentive structures, or third-party payments of any kind. Ready to take the next step? Let's talk about how we can help to get you there.

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