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What is my investment advisor's investment process?

Looking for a better investment experience?

An astute investor once noted, “Investing is simple, but that does not make it easy.”

As an investment advisor, we believe that:


  • Investing successfully requires a long-term outlook, persistence, and patience during market stress.

  • Keeping costs low will give you the potential to achieve higher returns.

  • Delivering a better investment experience requires a philosophy governed by prudence and an evidence based investment style.

  • Working with a fiduciary investment advisor at an RIA is the best way to insure your advisor is putting you first.


Below is a description of our investment process. This shows the steps we use to build and maintain our client’s accounts.

In addition, you can view our investment philosophy to learn more about the research and data behind our investment approach.


Should I have an investment policy statement?

Investment Process

We work with you to build an investment policy statement (IPS). This statement helps us outline and understand your risk preferences and income requirements that will enable us to build a portfolio strategy that meets your needs.

What is the best asset allocation?

Asset Allocation

The first and most significant part of the investment management process is asset allocation. This involves targeting a percentage of your portfolio to be invested in the three major asset classes: equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), and cash. Generally, these targets are based on your age, risk tolerance and income requirements.

Should my portfolio be diversified?


Your portfolio strategy is further developed by allocating within asset classes to various sectors to provide diversification. Examples within the equity asset class includes the following: value, growth, middle capitalization, small capitalization, international, and emerging markets.

Implementing my investment strategy


The implementation of your portfolio strategy involves using various investment vehicles to create a prudent and well-diversified portfolio. As always, our portfolio construction process aims to build portfolios that keep costs low and target well researched investment strategies.

Should I have a portfolio review?

Portfolio Review

Financial markets are dynamic and investment portfolios can become out of balance. This may precipitate small changes in the portfolio within the context of the IPS. This may involve portfolio rebalancing back to the target asset allocation or subtle changes among sectors that may become under valued.

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