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Always Plan Ahead
Financial & Retirement Planning
How Do You Envision Your Retirement?

Exencial Wealth Advisors of CT, formally Shoreline Financial Advisors, believes that financial and retirement planning should be goal-based. Goal-based planning can help you explore the opportunities and possibilities you have in retirement. When it comes to planning for a fulfilling retirement, each of us has a unique perspective, and a unique set of expectations.

Advanced planning can help make possibilities become a reality.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Think About Retirement

Retirement should be a time of excitement and hope. Planning for retirement involves deep conversations about your goals. Further, there are many questions that you may need to explore. Below, please scroll through the slider to help you think about the issues you may face in retirement. As always, we are here to help you on your journey.

What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

Retirement is different for everyone. Our software lets you pick your goals. You’ll need healthcare. We can help estimate what it will cost. Maybe a big trip, updating your kitchen, helping your grandkids with college.

You can easily set your goals by a simple drag and drop of your computer mouse.

What Could Happen?
A lot, actually. Unfortunately, markets don’t go straight up. While they reward long-term investors, the path can be up and down. A Monte Carlo analysis estimates 1000 possible outcomes. Each line representing a unique scenario. In this example, an 87% success rate. Retire in a down stock market? We can run a ‘bad timing’ analysis.
What’s Your Number?

Financial and retirement planning should be interactive and help guide your decision making. If you want to see the effects of retiring early, it should be a mouse-click away. Our software will make your planning easy.

  • Thinking about a part-time job in retirement? Click.
  • Vacation home? Click.
  • Can we take the big trip we always talked about? Click.
  • Can we help with our grandkids’ education? Click.
How Can We Help You?

As an RIA, we are a fiduciary. We offer independent advice with no hidden charges, incentive structures, or third-party payments of any kind.  Ready to take the next step?  Let’s talk about how we can get you there.