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THE Market — Counting Candy in a Jar

THE Market (Demo)

Every day we hear about the market.  It is in the news and on the TV.  But what is the market?  Often times it is viewed as a casino or a rollercoaster; irrational and subject to chance.  If an investor has poor returns, it is just bad luck.  This is a misconception because if it is used effectively, it can be a central part of your long-term investment strategy and retirement plan.

The market is actually a price discovery machine.  It values companies based on how investors digest all available information.  The price of a stock can increase or decrease as news is released that affects the perceived value of a company.  While some investors may try to time the market, it has been proven to be a difficult approach. For the vast majority of investors a long-term approach is the most efficient.  To learn more about the market, feel free to watch the educational video produced by Dimensional Fund Advisors.