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Managing Conflicts of Interest

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Sales trips, incentive bonuses, free travel, transfer bonuses….

At Shoreline Financial Advisors, it is very important that our clients and our potential clients know exactly how we are being paid for our services. The only payment that we will accept from an advisory client is the fee outlined in the management contract. Acceptance of any compensation from a third party can distort the advice that an advisor gives to their clients. That is why our Fiduciary Contract clearly states:
We will avoid conflicts of interest. We will never purchase proprietary products in your account(s). We will never purchase a product from an affiliated firm in your account(s). We will never purchase a product from a firm in which we hold a material interest in your account(s). We will not accept any form of third-party compensation as a result of managing your account(s). (i.e. transfer bonuses, free travel, product sales bonuses, etc.)
As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, we search to find the best investment choices at the lowest cost. We are not biased by incentive payments of any kind. Shoreline Financial Advisors – independent and transparent.
We will do a free no obligation account or annuity evaluation to help you figure out your total fees.
So when you reach that point when you want to think about where you want to be down the road, we are ready to have a meaningful conversation about your goals and how you can get there.

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