One-on-One Consultations About Wealth Preservation

How do I preserve my wealth with insurance?

We use our one-on-one consultations with you to fully understand who you are, your current circumstances, and your future goals. With this knowledge, we are able to recommend other professionals and solutions that will help you to preserve your legacy in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

As an independent insurance advisor, we ensure that our clients have access to the best and most innovative products from a variety of carriers.

Should I have an estate plan?
Wealth preservation involves managing your assets in such a way to ensure that the value of your assets does not decrease or erode. With wealth preservation objectives, the notion of maintaining existing wealth is more important than making more money. Many issues come into play with wealth preservation such as inflation, life insurance, retirement planning, long-term care, proper asset allocation and protection against capital market risk. Wealth preservation also involves estate planning strategies that help mitigate the effects of taxes, exit and succession strategies from businesses, and
tax-advantaged investments that are intended to maximize income while minimizing tax burdens. We recognize the value of advance planning and can work closely with you to understand your short- and long-term objectives and utilize appropriate wealth protection tools to help meet them. This may involve working with an estate attorney to help implement smart trust and estate solutions designed to address your unique needs. It also may involve insurance, as this can play a vital role in helping our clients achieve their goals.

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