Our Fiduciary Pledge

Shoreline Financial Advisors, LLC (SFA) is an SEC registered investment adviser and is therefore a fiduciary to its clients. Additionally, every adviser and principal at SFA has attained the designations of CFP or CFA which subject their membership to further fiduciary standards. As such, SFA is willing and happy to enter into the following fiduciary contract.

Our fiduciary contract applies to all services that we provide to our clients.

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We will:

• Always put your best interests first and ahead of our own interests and that of our firm.

• Act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgment of an investment professional. We only recommend to you prudent investment strategies and we will take the time to explain them thoroughly and to your satisfaction. At SFA, we will conduct extensive due diligence on both the investment strategies and investment vehicles which we employ for your account(s).

• Fully disclose and be completely transparent concerning our fees and the total fees and costs you pay for the receipt of investment and financial advice. We will ensure that the total fees and costs you pay are reasonable.

• Not mislead you, and we will provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts. We will take the time to explain these facts to you and ensure your full understanding.

• Avoid conflicts of interest. We will never purchase:

    • Proprietary products in your account(s)
    • Products from an affiliated firm in your account(s)
    • Investments from a firm in which we hold a material interest in your account(s). We will not accept any form of third-party compensation as a result of managing your account(s).

• Disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts. When they occur, we will ensure your complete understanding of these few and rare conflicts of interest. Further, we will seek out and obtain your informed consent on such unavoidable conflicts of interest. Lastly, we will recommend a course of action that is in your best interest.

• Enter into a contractually binding investment management agreement and investment policy statement with you that will ensure our mutual understanding of how your account(s) will be managed and the types of investments and limits of your exposure to these various types of investments.

Click Here For a PDF Version of Our Fiduciary Contract

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