Investment Philosophy

At Shoreline Financial Advisors, as a fiduciary, we always put your interest first. We believe that your investment portfolio should be low-cost, easy to understand, and transparent. 


We Don’t –

  • Accept sales commissions or third-party payments.
  • Accept incentives or bonuses to sell certain investment products.
  • Invest portfolios in a few “great ideas.”
  • Trade frequently.

We Do –

  • Put you first.
  • Minimize expenses by finding low cost effective investment vehicles.
  • Increase the chances of good performance by focusing on long term strategies.

Our portfolios are well diversified, using characteristics that have proven to perform over long periods of time. We focus on researched and proven ideas such as:

  • Companies that are more profitable outperform those that are less profitable.*
  • Small companies outperform larger companies.*
  • Companies that are a better value outperform those that are more expensive.*

This out-performance may not be consistent and an investor needs to have a long-term investment horizon. Further, investors need to consider that premiums are never guaranteed and thus can undergo periods of negative returns in both relative and absolute terms.

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We are happy to meet with you to discuss your finances and your hopes for the future. It’s important to find a team of advisors that you can trust.

Feel free to call us at (203) 458-6800.

If you would like to reach us by email, please Click Here to set up a meeting. No pressure. No obligation.

*The premiums described above are based on the research of Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.  Eugene Fama and Ken French are members of the Board of Directors of DFA LP.  Returns are based on Fama/French indices using CRSP securities data.  There is no guarantee strategies will be successful in the future.  Past performance (including simulated past performance) does not guarantee future or actual results. Any performance shown is gross performance, which includes the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings but does not reflect the deduction of investment advisory fees and other expenses. A client’s investment returns will be reduced by the advisory fees and other expenses it will incur in the management of its advisory account.

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