Investment Philosophy

At Shoreline Financial Advisors, we apply an evidence-based investment philosophy. In other words, we are service focused, not sales driven.

We Don’t –

  • Invest in the latest trends.
  • Invest portfolios in a few “great ideas.”
  • Trade frequently looking for the next big growth story.
  • Accept sales commissions or third-party payments.
  • Accept incentives or bonuses to sell certain investment products.

We Do –

  • Decrease costs by reducing trading.
  • Minimize expenses by finding the lowest cost investment vehicles that are the most effective.
  • Increase the chances of good performance by investing in strategies and premiums that have been researched over long periods of time (see below).
  • Believe in putting you first.

Our investment philosophy is governed by systematic, evidence-based dimensions of expected return.  These systems are robust, cost-effective, sensible, and durable across geographic markets.

Historical Observations of Five-Year Premiums - Investment Philosophy

This chart documents the relative five-year annualized performance of returns. These are attributable to premiums in U.S. equity markets.

The blue bars stand for five-year periods in which U.S. equity markets, U.S. small cap stocks , value stocks , and high profitability stocks were positive, compared to treasury bills , large cap stocks , growth stocks, and low profitability stocks respectively.  Consider for example, the first red bar in the top row of the above graph. This bar shows the annualized performance difference between the U.S. market and one-month U.S. Treasury bills form 1928 to 1932 (i.e., market premium).  During the five-year period, the annualized return for U.S. equities was less than that of one-month Treasury bills which is shown in red.

Despite the higher number of positive premiums, out performance may not be consistent, even over longer periods of time. Long-term investors need to consider that premiums are never guaranteed and thus can undergo periods of negative returns in both relative and absolute terms.

Dimensions of Expected Returns

This chart shows proof that the size, relative price, and profitability have been constant across time and common across markets. Each premium appears over many decades in the U.S. market.  Looking beyond the U.S. markets, these premiums have also appeared in developed ex U.S. and emerging markets.

The data provides evidence that this approach makes sense, offering greater confidence that the premiums will persist in future time periods.

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